About Us

Good Life Dental, PC was founded July 1, 2015, when Dr. Kate Wolford purchased Comprehensive Family Dentistry from Dr. Mike Furmanski, upon his retirement. Dr. Furmanski had been practicing dentistry since 1972.

With a combination of new and retained team members, Good Life Dental is committed to providing high quality general dentistry for all ages in a welcoming and compassionate environment. We offer a variety of dental treatments ranging from regular hygiene visits including cleaning, x-rays, and exams, to basic fillings, root canals, extractions, and crowns, as well as complete and partial dentures. We do whitening and cosmetic dentistry including veneers and hope to help each patient achieve his or her ideal smile.

We work with a variety of dental insurances and payment options, and our friendly and helpful team are always willing to answer any questions you may have. We also offer a discount to patients who pay for treatment on the day of their dental appointment.

We understand that many people struggle with anxiety and fear of dental treatment. We use a variety of techniques to help ease any discomfort, and we believe that a combination of a gentle touch and thorough explanation of procedures are often enough to help patients through their fears. When this is not enough, we also offer Nitrous Oxide to ease anxiety. Many fears stem from traumatic childhood dental visits, so we are determined to help children have positive dental experiences from his/her first visit.